Signed collaboration contract with Educational center in Novi Sad

Hello friends, colleagues and foodies! This week was very interesting for us in GASTRO_IC. We finally finished negotiations and signed contract of collaboration with one of the newest and best educational facilities in Serbia, Educational center for training in professional and work skills which is located in industrial zone at city of Novi Sad.

After long period of negotiation, due to the covid-19 situation, we officially partnered up with Educational center for training in professional and work skills, which will open new opportunities and benefits for all parties involved, including all attendees of our long list of activities. Because previously mentioned Educational center is founded by and under direct management of local government of Vojvodina and Secretariat for Economy and Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, majority of future courses, seminars and trainings will have higher credibility and their endorsements through recognized certificates.

Educational center for training in professional and work skills is training and education complex located in Industrijska street, No.3, in Novi Sad. It is isolated enough from the city center but still close enough so that you can get to it by bus, bike or on foot in less then 15 minutes. Complex consists of 3 major facilities, in which all action happens:

  1. Building with administration offices, classrooms and accommodation facilities.
  2. Building with canteen, professional kitchen, 2 conference halls (one up to 60 people and other up to 150 people)
  3. Hangar dedicated for professional training of welders, masons and other construction workers.

The goal of Educational center, as well as ours, is the prevention of long-term unemployment, assistance in acquiring new knowledge and skills for easier employment and support for the development of entrepreneurship, creating preconditions for starting a business and quality investment in training and education of anyone interested. With a good track record of roughly 4000 attendees per year who had successfully completed some of the numerous courses, which they organize, and numerous collaborations which that do on day to day basis, Education center is really the optimal collaborator for GASTRO_IC at this stage. We would especially like to thank Đurađ Milanović, director of this educational center, for for initiative and excellent cooperation.

We really look forward to this collaboration and to all the stuff which is coming next…

Stay tuned and keep on cooking!